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Rapa Nui

On Rapa Nui, the farthest island from the mainland of the world, there is a place to feel the closeness of nature and the mysteries of this ancient culture.

Rapa Nui is a special place and in morerava Cabins you will have the best lodging experience on Easter Island, to visit this paradise.

Our cottages in Easter Island, combine the concepts of ecology and exquisite rest. The Cabins are designed and built kind to the environment and the Island.

Morerava Cabins in Easter Island, where the best resting experience is mixed with adventure and respect for nature at the stunning scenery of Rapa Nui, so called "belly button of the world."

Designed and built with high standards of quality and comfort, Morerava Cabins in Easter Island offer everything needed for an unforgettable experience, surrounded by nature, dances, music and the mystery of the “moais”.

Easter Island Cotagges Morerava are serviced by its’ owners what guarantees a close experience with the culture of its people and their customs.

If you are looking for Easter Island accomodation, you don't need to look further.


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